Take Your Career to the Next Level with Microsoft Azure Bootcamps!

Microsoft Azure, also referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing service. It enables users to build, deploy, and manage services and applications via a network of Microsoft-owned data centers. It supports various frameworks and tools and provides services like virtual machines, databases, and machine learning.

Professionals in information technology, artificial intelligence, developers, and data science engineers typically work within the Microsoft cloud computing system.

Earning a certification in Microsoft Azure solutions can help bolster their skills and earning potential and advance their careers.

If you want to get started with Azure bootcamps to boost your career, this guide has everything you need to know. We’ll walk you through the process, including registration, the curriculum, and the benefits of completing the course.

Registration Information

The Microsoft Azure Certification Boot Camp offers dual certification for professionals. It’s designed for those who want to become an Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Security Engineer Associate. The course allows for firsthand experience through labs and Azure resources. It also includes expert instruction from professionals within the cloud services field.

There are several online platforms through which you can enroll to earn your certifications. Some of the institutions that offer the Azure certification boot camp include:

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Santa Clara University
  • Microsoft Training Camp
  • The Linux Foundation

Who should enroll?

The Microsoft Azure bootcamp is good for professionals in information technology, artificial intelligence, data science, and development. The course can improve their skills and increase their earning potential and career flexibility. It enables them to earn an Azure certification to prove their knowledge and understanding of the service.

What you will learn

The Azure certification boot camp teaches professionals vital Microsoft Azure administration and security skills. The course is designed to teach you the basics of Azure administration and Azure files. It also covers cybersecurity measures and abilities like Azure Active Directory Security.

After completing the boot camp, you should have a good understanding of secure Microsoft Azure solutions. You should also be ready to take the exams for your preferred credentials. At the end of your course, you will receive a voucher that enables you to sit for the exams.

The Microsoft Azure certification exams allow you to become Microsoft Certified. You can be certified as either an Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Security Engineer Associate.

The bootcamp covers everything students need to gain a basic understanding of Azure. It also covers exam preparation.

These Microsoft certifications can be added to your resume as proof of your understanding and expertise in Azure management. This can increase your chances of fast-tracking your career and improving your earning potential.

Besides covering the basics needed to earn the title of Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Security Engineer Associate, the course covers subjects like:

  • Azure Virtual machines
  • The Azure App service
  • Cloud-based computing and cloud concepts
  • Practical labs
  • Azure identities and management
  • Security skills


The online Microsoft Azure boot camp is accessible to almost anyone. This is provided they have the basic requirements to complete the short course. The standard requirements for this course include the following:

  • A PC or laptop
  • Windows 7/ Mac Operating Software 10.7 or newer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • The latest version of Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox
  • Microsoft Word Online
  • Online learning materials (can be accessed after enrollment)

To become Microsoft certified, students will need to pass the certification exam. The exam requirements vary among the certification types. They will need to be discussed with your prospective learning institution.


Most learning platforms and instructors recommend having basic knowledge of cloud computing platforms and services before beginning the boot camp. However, this is not required to earn your certification.

The course is designed to teach Microsoft Azure fundamentals in a digestible format. It can be understood by professionals with years of experience within the field and those who are complete beginners.

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How You Will Benefit

An Azure certification allows professionals to advance their careers. They can also boost their earning potential, sharpen their skills, and access more flexible career choices. Microsoft-certified professionals are also sought-after by employers. This gives employees the upper hand in moving up the corporate ladder.

Of course, learning Azure can benefit you in a range of fields. But it can also help you to further your current position. Employers in IT are more likely to hire employees with additional skills.

Personal and professional upskilling

With the increase in competitive job markets, having additional skills will benefit you and your career. In IT, familiarity with cloud computing is hugely beneficial for attracting potential employers.

An Azure qualification helps demonstrate your AI and machine learning skills. It also shows your capabilities in access and security, identity, compliance, and governance. As the IT sector grows, these skills become invaluable to professionals and employers.

Career flexibility and growth

An Azure qualification from Microsoft can open doorways to various career opportunities. As different sectors move to cloud-based services and systems, the need for professionals in these services increases.

Azure can be a powerful tool in any industry, but it can also be used to advance the position of current IT employees. When employees take it upon themselves to upskill, they become invaluable assets to their employers. Therefore, promotions and job security are significant benefits of having additional certifications.

Boost your earning potential

This benefit is linked to upskilling and cementing your job by having additional credentials. When you improve your skills, you have the ability to earn more from your job. Additionally, it’s more likely that you’ll earn promotions to these high-paying positions.

Some companies provide opportunities for their junior-level staff to earn these qualifications. Then, they promote them within the company. Advertising and hiring are expensive endeavors. This leads employees to promote existing staff when they have the necessary requirements.


What are Microsoft Azure boot camps?

Microsoft Azure bootcamps are short courses that teach the fundamentals of Azure. There are several levels of certification with Azure. So, professionals with any level of understanding can keep advancing their skills to the Expert level.

How much does Microsoft Azure training cost?

Depending on your certification, Azure training can cost anywhere from $99 – $170. The cost may also depend on the learning institution you choose and extra software costs to meet the requirements of the camps.

How many months will it take to learn Azure?

Learning the fundamentals of Azure can take as little as 7 to 14 days. But, to reach the Expert level, most professionals take between 2 – 4 months or longer. The average time it takes to learn Azure is around three months.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate or Security Engineer Associate is simple with Azure bootcamps. Most camps take around a week to complete. This means that professionals can take their careers to the next level without spending months or years on upskilling.